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IHE team members contribute to Journal of Cancer Policy Vol 11 (March 2017)

The special issue of the Journal of Cancer Policy Vol 11 (March 2017) focuses on value and cancer and is edited by Bengt Jönsson, Professor Emeritus of Health Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics and chairman of IHE board of directors. The special issue includes articles discussing perspectives of value in cancer with contributions of entries and papers from several IHE team members.

Peter Lindgren and co-authors analyse how the value scale ESMO Magnitude of Clinical Benefits Scale (ESMO-MCBS), developed mainly to assist decisions by physicians, relate to other measures of clinical benefit and values used by reimbursement agencies. The ESMO-MCBS is compared with the patient benefit scale (AMNOG) used in Germany, the assessment of ASMR used in France and estimates of QALYs used in e.g. England, Wales, Scotland and Sweden. The authors found reasonable agreement between ESMO-MCBS and the AMNOG, poor agreement with the French ASMR and the link between ESMO-MCBS and QALYs was very weak.

IHE’s Fredrik Moen, Johanna Svensson and Katarina Steen Carlsson discusses the perspective of using real world data when assessing the value of cancer treatments. The authors examine how real world data can be used as complements to data from clinical trials and how real world data can fill gaps in such data. Three gaps where real world data can be used are identified: 1) when clinical trial data is restricted by surrogate endpoints and short-term follow-up 2) when clinical trial data use selected patients and 3) when research protocols differ from daily clinical practice. The authors demonstrate the benefits and opportunities of using real world data by giving examples where Swedish registry data has been used as complement to clinical trial data.

Editorials: Evidence, value and hope — Allocating resources for cancer, J. Cancer Policy 11 (2017) 1-5. Read more »
P. Lindgren, B. Jönsson, N. Wilking, Assessment of value for resource allocation in cancer care, J. Cancer Policy 11 (2017) 12-18. Read more »
F. Moen, J. Svensson, K. Steen-Carlsson, Assessing the value of cancer treatments from real world data –issues, empirical examples and lessons learnt, J. Cancer Policy 11 (2017) 32–37. Read more »

The special issue of Journal of Cancer Policy Vol 11 (March 2017) can be found here and all papers are freely available from Friday 27th January, for eight weeks.

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