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About IHE
sidor_fotoIHE, founded in 1979, is a health economics research institute, with a mission of contributing to wellfounded decision-making in health-care. IHE also strives to bridge the gap between health economic research and various actors in the health care sector.

Applied research
IHE specializes in applied policy analysis and health economic evaluation, using knowledge drawn from the cutting edge of international developments as well as independent in-house methods development. The work at IHE was early targeted at developing methods for health economic evaluations and to conduct analysis of treatment alternatives to support decision making in the health care sector. In addition to research, IHE also organises and teaches in various areas of health economic theory and practice on a commission basis.

IHEs strength lies within applied research but there has always been strong links between IHE and the academia as IHE staff holds positions at Lund University and/or are engaged in doctoral dissertations.

Most IHE projects are funded directly by stakeholders in the health-care sector, both private and public, ensuring that IHE’s research portfolio reflects issues that are of great interest. IHE is also the beneficiary of many research grants, lending IHE the ability to work with issues of likely future interest as well.

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Publications, conferences and networks
IHE usually publishes its research as articles in scientific periodicals and in report series issued by other institutions. This independent review constitutes an additional layer of quality assurance. IHE participates regularly in scientific congresses and meetings, keeping us in touch with the international frontline of research and able to continually develop our own competence. IHE also collaborate with external researchers on various projects through both formal and informal networks of stakeholders in the area of health economics.

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