Since 2007, IHE is participating in a European Commission research project involving organisations from 10 European countries. The purpose of the project, EuroVaQ – European Value of a Quality Adjusted Life Year, is to develop robust methods to determine the monetary value of a quality adjusted life year (QALY) across a number of European Member States. The project aims to gather information and knowledge from all the participating countries.

A major issue in cost effectiveness analysis is that of the value to place on a quality adjusted life year (QALY), commonly used as a measure of health care effectiveness across Europe. This has come to the fore in several European countries, resulting from the creation of national health technology and pharmaceutical assessment agencies. This critical policy issue is reflected in the growing interest across Europe in development of more sound methods to elicit such a value.

To model a value of a QALY two different approaches are taken in this project: firstly through modelling such a value based on values of statistical lives currently used across the participating countries, and also through a population survey to test two methods of deriving a societal willingness-to-pay (WTP) based monetary value of a QALY.

For more information visit the EuroVaQ official web-site EuroVaQs