The nomination period for the scholarship expired on June 18, 2021

The Swedish Institute for Health Economics and the Bengt Jönsson Foundation for Health Economics Research are pleased to announce a scholarship of 50,000 SEK awarded to the best bachelor’s or master’s thesis in health economics and related topics for the academic year 2020/2021.

Even before the pandemic it was clear that the health care systems were faced with numerous challenges, both in Sweden and internationally. Demographic shifts with an ageing population in combination with a citizenry with continuously increasing expectations on what health care should deliver puts strains on existing resources. At the same time health care providers face challenges in recruitment and health care payers’ issues with financing. The pandemic has highlighted new issues in the form of crisis management and coordination between stakeholders, but also driven developments in in the digital arena that may provide an avenue for necessary improvements in system efficiency in the future.

Health economics provide us with a toolbox to better understand the challenges we are faced with, to evaluate possible solutions and to contribute with the knowledge necessary to inform decisions about prioritization. To raise the awareness of this important field of research IHE and the Bengt Jönsson Foundation are rewarding an outstanding thesis in health economics. The addressed research question should have bearing on the societal challenges we are faced with today. Health economics has its origins as a branch of economics, but nominations of students from other related academic fields are also welcome.


The scholarship is awarded based on the thesis relevance and quality by a committee consisting of professor Peter Lindgren, PhD; associate professor Katarina Steen Carlsson, PhD and Linus Jönsson, MD PhD. Relevance is assessed based on how well the thesis addresses current health economic topics. Quality is assessed based on originality, clarity of expression and methodological lucidity. Both qualitative and quantitative works are welcome. Nominated theses should have been published at a Swedish university during the academic year 2020/2021.

The scholarship will be awarded at the IHE Forum 2021 in October and will be advertised on the IHE web page in conjunction with this.  The scholarship is 50,000 SEK for the rewarded thesis. In case the thesis is written by more than one student, the amount will be divided equally between the authors.

The thesis (in pdf format) along with a letter of nomination is to be sent June 18th 2021 the latest to:


Supervisors, examiners and students are all welcome to submit nominations for the scholarship. For more information, please contact IHE using the above-mentioned address.