IHE Report

Below you find publications from our own report series available in English, to see all of our publications visit our Swedish website.

Norlin J, Althin A, Schmitt-Egenolf M & Persson U
An outcome-based payment model for biologic agents in psoriasis
Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2018:2

Jönsson B, Hofmarcher T, Lindgren P, Moen F & Wilking N
Comparator Report on Patient Access to Cancer Medicines in Europe Revisited- A UK Perspective
Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2017:1

Persson U, Steen Carlsson K and Jönsson B
Alternative Payment Models in Haemophilia Treatment
Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2016:10

Lundqvist A, Andersson E and Steen Carlsson K
The costs of diabetes in 2020 and 2030 − A model analysis comparing innovative glucose lowering treatments in second line following European and American guidelines compared to current standard of care
Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2016:9

Jönsson B, Hofmarcher T, Lindgren P and Wilking N
Comparator report on patient access to cancer medicines in Europe revisited
Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2016:4

Jönsson B, Persson U and Wilking N
Innovative treatments for cancer in Europe -Value, cost and access
Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2016:2

Hofmarcher T, Jönsson B and Wilking N
Access to high-quality oncology care across Europe
Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2014:2