IHE Report

Below you find publications from our own report series available in English, to see all of our publications visit our Swedish website.

Hofmarcher T, Brådvik G, Lindgren P, Jönsson B & Wilking N
Comparator Report on Cancer in the Nordic Countries – Disease Burden, Costs and Access to Medicines
Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2019:2a (Summary)
Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2019:2b

Norlin J, Althin A, Schmitt-Egenolf M & Persson U
An outcome-based payment model for biologic agents in psoriasis
Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2018:2

Jönsson B, Hofmarcher T, Lindgren P, Moen F & Wilking N
Comparator Report on Patient Access to Cancer Medicines in Europe Revisited- A UK Perspective
Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2017:1

Persson U, Steen Carlsson K and Jönsson B
Alternative Payment Models in Haemophilia Treatment
Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2016:10

Lundqvist A, Andersson E and Steen Carlsson K
The costs of diabetes in 2020 and 2030 − A model analysis comparing innovative glucose lowering treatments in second line following European and American guidelines compared to current standard of care
Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2016:9

Jönsson B, Hofmarcher T, Lindgren P and Wilking N
Comparator report on patient access to cancer medicines in Europe revisited
Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2016:4

Jönsson B, Persson U and Wilking N
Innovative treatments for cancer in Europe -Value, cost and access
Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2016:2

Hofmarcher T, Jönsson B and Wilking N
Access to high-quality oncology care across Europe
Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2014:2