Persson UlfProfessor | Ph.D. | CEO
Althin RikardPh.D. | Research Director
Anderson GunhildSecretary to CEO
Andersson EmelieM.Sc. | Research Analyst
Asseburg ChristianPh.D. in Statistical Ecology | M.Sci. in Mathematics | Research Director
Ericson OskarResearch Assistant
Fridhammar AdamM.Sc. l Research Manager
Gerdtham Ulf-GProfessor | Ph.D. | Research Director
Gralén KatarinaM.Sc. | Research Manager
Hjalte FridaM.Sc. | Research Manager
Hjelmgren JonasM.Sc. in Economics | Associate Research Director
Hofmarcher ThomasM.Sc. | Research Manager
Lindgren PeterAssociate Professor | Ph.D. | Research Director
Moen FredrikLL.M. | Director External Relations
Nilsson AndreasM.Sc. | Research Analyst
Nilsson KristofferM.Sc. in Business and Economics | Research Assistant
Norlin JennyPh.D. | Research Director
Norrlid HannaM.Sc. | Research Analyst
Olofsson SaraM.Sc. | Research Manager
Persson Dietmann AnnetteAdministration | Webbmaster
Persson SofiePh.D. in Medical Science | Research Director
Steen Carlsson KatarinaAssociate Professor in Health Economics | Ph.D. in Economics | Research Director
Toresson Grip EmilieM.Sc. in Economics | Research Analyst
Wallin Bernhardsson NiklasM.Sc. in Economics | Research Assistant
Welin Karl-OlofM.Sc. | Research Analyst
Willis MichaelPh.D. | Research Director