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IHE discusses Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan in Brussels

IHE participated in the fifth edition of the European Cancer Forum in Brussels. Thomas Hofmarcher participated in a panel discussion on “Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan progress ahead of the 2024 review” together with Michele Calabro from the European Regional and Local Health Authorities and Debra Montague from Lung Cancer Europe.

Thomas highlighted various results from studies that IHE has carried out in recent years, including studies on the economic burden of cancer and access to cancer medicines. The common denominator is that there are large differences between EU countries in general, but also between countries with approximately similar income levels.

Access to novel cancer medicines in four countries in Central and Eastern Europe in relation to clinical benefit. ESMO Open (2023)
The cost of cancer in Europe 2018 (2020)

Conference: 5th European Cancer Forum
Placa: Brussels, Belgium
Datum: December 5, 2023
Title: Session 1: Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan progress ahead of the 2024 review
Author: Thomas Hofmarcher
Presenter: Thomas Hofmarcher