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Mt Hood Diabetes Challenge Network

The Mount Hood Diabetes Challenge Network, named after the site of the first meeting in 2000, is a forum for computer modelers of diabetes to discuss and compare models, to assess predictions against data from clinical trials and observational data, and to identify key future developments in the field (including the handling of uncertainty, model validation, and evolving methodology).

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IHE hosted the Mt Hood 2022 Diabetes Challenge, which was held on 24 September in Malmö. Read more about the conferense here

Exploring structural uncertainty and impact of health state utility values on lifetime outcomes in diabetes economic simulation models: Findings from the Ninth Mount Hood Diabetes Quality-of-Life Challenge
Evaluating the Ability of Economic Models of Diabetes to Simulate New CVOTs: A Report on the 9th Mount Hood Diabetes Challenge
The Challenge of Transparency and Validation in Health Economic Decision Modelling: A View from Mount Hood
Computer Modeling of Diabetes and Its Transparency: A Report on the Eighth Mount Hood Challenge

The Mt Hood Diabetes Challenges Network - is a forum for computer modelers of diabetes, in the field of health economics, to discuss and compare diabetic models

Created by Jonathan Paiano for the Mt Hood Diabetes Challenges Network