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IHE is proud to be part of the innovation environment PREDEM. PREDEM, which is funded by Vinnova and coordinated by the Karolinska Institute, brings together regions, companies, and organizations that work together to introduce new tools and methods for early detection, precision diagnostics, prevention and treatment of dementia diseases. The goal is to prevent the development of dementia in people with mild cognitive impairment.

IHE is involved in the parts of the project that focus on cost-effectiveness and payment models for interventions withing prevention, diagnostics, and treatment of dementia diseases.

The innovation environment is a collaboration between Karolinska Institute, Karolinska University Hospital, IHE, Svenskt Demenscentrum, Demensförbundet, Migrationsskolan in Region Skåne, Akademiskt Primärvårdscentrum in Region Stockholm, Region Värmland, DigitalWell Arena, Geras Solutions AB, MindMore AB and Roche AB.