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Slutrapport för Swelife-ATMP systemutvecklingsprojekt 3 (SDP3). Affärsmodeller och hälsoekonomi.

Persson U, Lindgren P (project members at IHE) among other project partners

Commercial aspects and resources of ATMPs in Sweden

The final report of the Swelife-ATMP SDP3 Business Models and Health Economy project is now available. IHE with project members Ulf Persson and Peter Lindgren has been one of the project partners (organizations) involved in the project.

The goal of the resources is to increase the likelihood that ATMPs developed or marketed in Sweden will actually be accessible to patients. Risks around commercial considerations during development and at market approval are discussed as well as the importance of healthcare/industry partnerships for implementation and early health economy considerations.

Product developers, healthcare and industry are encouraged to use these resources to increase their understanding of the similarities and differences of ATMP drug development compared to traditional pharmaceuticals and to understand the critical aspects they can contribute to in order to expedite ATMP generation, delivery and reimbursement in Sweden.

The report and supplementing information can be found here

The report is in Swedish but several of the Appendix documents are in English.

Swelife, December 2020