Days absent from work due to complications associated with type 2 diabetes: Evidence from 20 years of linked national registry data in Sweden

Persson S, Johansen P, Andersson E, Lindgren P, Thielke D, Larsen Thorsted B, Jendle J & Steen Carlsson K

According to this study the long-term effects of diabetes complications are of the greatest importance. The authors analysed a 20‐year‐long panel of retrospective cross‐linked individual‐level health, social insurance, and socioeconomic data from Sweden.

The study provides evidence on the persisting impact on productivity from complications that supports continued efforts to reduce risk factors in type 2 diabetes (T2D). Future studies on burden of disease and economic evaluations of new therapies and disease management may use this new set of complication-specific estimates to improve understanding of the value of reducing complications.

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Contact: Research Director Sofie Persson

Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism (DOM), 2020;22(9):1586-1597
First published: 24 April 2020