Reduced work absenteeism in patients with hepatitis C treated with second-generation direct-acting antivirals

Lindgren P, Löfvendahl S, Brådvik G, Weiland O.

The societal costs associated with hepatitis C has received little attention in studies on the overall burden of disease as well as in studies evaluating new therapies.

This retrospective registry-based study investigated work absenteeism following treatment initiation in three different cohorts of patients: (1) patients treated with ribavirin and/or peginterferons (peg-IFN) during 2005-2011; (2) patients treated with the first generation of direct-acting antivirals and ribavirin and/or peg-interferon 2011-2013; and (3) patients treated with the new second generation of direct acting antivirals 2014-2018.

Compared to the older treatment regimens, patients treated with second-generation direct-acting antivirals without peg-IFN had fewer days of sick leave in the year following treatment initiation compared to older treatments, the monetary value of which was 7,000 – 10,000 €.

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Journal of Viral Hepatitis, 2020 (e-pub ahead of print )