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Manzano A, Gralén K, Wilking N, Hofmarcher T

Improving Breast Cancer Care in the Middle East and Africa

This report describes the current state of breast cancer care in the Middle East and Africa. Nine countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Türkiye, and United Arab Emirates) are included. The report builds on a comprehensive analysis of secondary literature and interviews with 41 local experts and patient organizations in these countries.

The report provides a detailed review of the burden of breast cancer and the challenges patients face along the care pathway in each country. The analysis covers the three pillars of the WHO Global Breast Cancer Initiative – detection, diagnostic process, treatment – and complements this with a description of the organization of breast cancer care as well as an overview of the health systems and the governance of breast cancer care. Country-specific recommendations on how to improve the current state of breast cancer care are also provided.

A list of the 41 local experts and patient organizations is on page 11-12 of the report. We would like to express our gratitude to all experts for sharing their insights and contributions.

Country cards in the Appendix of the report provide short and illustrative summaries of the main findings and recommendations for each country. The country cards can also be downloaded as separate files in the links below.

For more information, please contact Thomas Hofmarcher

Download country-specific summary sheets in English (pdf)

Summary sheet – Algeria
Summary sheet – Egypt
Summary sheet – Israel
Summary sheet – Jordan
Summary sheet – Morocco
Summary sheet – Saudi Arabia
Summary sheet – South Africa
Summary sheet – Türkiye
Summary sheet – UAE

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