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Launch of the Cancer Dashboard for Poland

What is the current status of cancer care in my country? Are we reaching the aims defined in the national cancer control program or target values set by international institutions? Are we below or above the EU average? These are three questions that IHE’s Cancer Dashboard for Poland tries to illustrate. The dashboard is specifically focusing on women’s cancers (breast cancer and gynecological cancers).

The dashboard provides a visual description of selected performance indicators in all areas of cancer care, and it includes comparisons with the Visegrád countries and the EU average. For every indicator, the dashboard gives recommendations to improve the status quo. The purpose of the dashboard is to support the implementation of the National Oncology Strategy 2020-2030 as well as other ongoing initiatives to improve cancer control in Poland.

The launch of the dashboard was marked by two public presentations the conference “The Road to the Presidency – Discussion on health priorities of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council” on January 30, 2024 as well as the conference “Priorytety w Ochronie Zdrowia 2024” in the Royal Castle in Warsaw on January 31, 2024.

Download the Polish version:

IHE_-_Cancer_Dashboard_Poland_ polish version_

For more information, please contact Thomas Hofmarcher

Cancer Dashboard for Poland – Women’s cancers, IHE 2024, Lund, Sweden