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The Costs of Dementia in Europe: An Updated Review and Meta-analysis

Jönsson L, Tate A, Frisell O, Wimo A

The prevalence of dementia is increasing, while new opportunities for diagnosing, treating and possibly preventing Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia disorders highlight the need for accurate estimates of costs in dementia. Considerable methodological heterogeneity creates challenges for synthesising the existing literature. This study aimed to estimate the costs for persons with dementia in Europe, disaggregated into cost components and informative patient subgroups.

In total 113 studies from 17 European countries were included. Albeit there is considerable heterogeneity across studies, much of this is explained by identifiable factors.

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PharmacoEconomics 2023;41(1):59–75
Published Online: November 15, 2022
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s40273-022-01212-z