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Improving Efficiency and Resource Allocation in Future Cancer Care

Cole A, Lundqvist A, Lorgelly P, Norrlid H, Karlsberg Schaffer S, Lewis F, Hernandez-Villafuerte K, Lindgren P, Garau M, Welin K-O, Bianchi S, Althin R, O’Neill P, Persson U, and Towse A

The economic burden that cancer poses on our society is staggering – 25 million years of healthy life lost, at cost of €126 billion including €52 billion in lost productivity – and continues to grow with the ageing of the population. It is imperative, in light of growing financial pressures on our health care systems, that we find ways to make the best use of available resources to deliver high quality cancer care to patients.

This report explores possible ways to make this happen. Built on qualitative and quantitative research for nine countries and the European Union as a whole, it provides a comprehensive overview of the costs of cancer, the health burden (both morbidity and mortality) and resources devoted to its care, culminating in case studies of where efficiencies could be made across the system.

Future cancer care needs to deliver better outcomes to patients by making the best use of available resources.

The executive report is now available here (PDF)
Download the full report here (PDF)

Both report are produced by OHE and IHE

London, UK: Consulting Report OHE-IHE, September 2016