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Preferences for improvements in attributes associated with basal insulin: a time trade-off and willingness-to-pay survey of a diabetic and non-diabetic population in Sweden

Olofsson S, Norrlid H and Persson U

Previous research has produced multiple studies on QALY (quality adjusted life years) gains and WTP (willingness to pay) estimates of insulin-related attributes. There are, however, significant variations between studies, and it is not clear to what extent the value is a reflection of the true preferences or a consequence of the methodological approach used. IHE has performed a study that simultaneously estimates the WTP and QALYs of a set of convenience attributes (administration frequency, administration flexibility, and treatment-induced weight gain) of basal insulin. This allowed us to compare and contrast the results of these two widely accepted methodologies. WTP estimates were elicited using the contingent valuation approach and QALY estimates were elicited using time trade-off (TTO). Preference were elicited from a sample of 1033 individuals with diabetes (type 1:208; type 2: 825) and 979 individuals without diabetes using web-based questionnaires.

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J Med Econ., 2016;19(10):945-58
DOI: 10.1080/13696998.2016